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Overview of Gift Certificates in MyPMS

MyPMS gives you the ability to sell, redeem and track Gift Certificates by transaction, not by Booking or Guest.  What this means is that gift certificates can be tracked by date sold or redeemed, by Folio # or Name in Transactions Reports, but they will not be attached to a specific guest or tracked in an accounts payable account. If you need further tracking, more details, a flag for expiration dates, tracking by Guest, etc.,  then we recommended incorporating the transaction details from MyPMS into an additional tracking method such as an excel spreadsheet. See Manage Gift Certificates

A Gift Certificate is an Inventory Item which can be sold in a folio using "Add Charge".  See Gift Certificates | Setup

When a Gift Certificate is sold, the charge is recorded and paid for using the chosen payment method, ie. cash, credit card, etc. in a House Account Folio. See Gift Certificates | Sell. There are two ways to use the House Accounts for Gift Certificates. See  Gift Certificates | House Accounts

When a Gift Certificate is redeemed, it is applied as a payment to a guest folio using payment type "Gift Certificate Redeemed". See Gift Certificates | Redeem

Since the two transactions (Sold and Redeemed) are recorded in different folios and on different dates, the best way to "match"a Gift Certificate to sold and when it is redeemed is to use the transaction description record details like purchaser name, folio #, gift certificate #, expiry dates, etc.. If you already have a Gift Certificate system set up and have tracking #, then you can use these in the transaction description. Gift Certificates | Getting Started

To track the sale and redemption of Gift Certificates, see Gift Certificates | Reports