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This only applies to customers who have chosen to automate any of the over 700 devices BookingCenter supports through our Guest Services interface. Details on connecting restaurant, phone, movie, key, bar, etc systems can be found at:

There is no way to set a default 'credit limit' for an individual or a Group booking. Thus, the front desk is required to know if interface support is allowed or not allowed per individual booking. If the guest is allowed to accept automated postings (POS charges, movies, phone calls, etc) then there is nothing further that needs be done, all works automatically by 'checking the guest in'. If the guest is NOT allowed to use the services, then on the Booking Data screen, look for the link called 'COMTROL':

This takes you to a drop-down where you see:

  • Send Check In: turns ON COMTROL and Allow postings to take place, as well as events such as spending Guest Name and Room to a device sushi as a TV or energy management system
  • Send Check Out: turns OFF COMTROL and stops all services (phones, movies, voice mail re-set, etc) from being used and from posting to the folio.
  • Create Key (only available to sites setup to manage keys via COMTROL.  This is not used for the RemoteLock key system): sends the Createkey message to the key console with data specific to the booking to create key(s), usually RFID keys (magnetic card keys), but for some systems, such as Onity, maybe LEB (low energy bluetooth) app-based electronic Keys.

Send Check Out would be clicked manually AFTER the guest has been checked into a room to disallow services from being accessed due to non-credit or no desire for guest services. If a guest comes to the front desk AFTER check in and after the Send Check Out was sent, with acceptable credit, and desires to activate guest services, the front desk user can click Send Check In, which will then turn the services on. * Note – this is a manual process and has no bearing on occupancy, housecleaning, nor any other area of the system.

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