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Used exclusively with the GDS. Select as many as possible because these are use to help consumers and agents find properties to book. To to see a list of your Attractions or to add or edit an Attraction go to SETUP | FEATURES AND IMAGES | ATTRACTIONS

  • If you haven't added any Attractions yet, the Default screen will display with a blank list.
  • Click Add in the bottom right corner to add an Attractions.
  • When you click Add a list will appear of Attractions. Enter the details and optional notes and click Add..See Figure 1
  • As you add an Attraction, you will see it appear in the list on the page.. See Figure 2
  • To Edit an Attraction, edit the details and click Change. See Figure 2
  • To Delete an Attraction, click Delete. See Figure 2
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Figure 1. Add An Attraction: When you click Add a list of Attractions will appear. Enter the details and optional notes and click Add..

Figure 2. List of Attractions added. Once the Attraction is added, the available actions are Change or Delete. To edit the details and notes of an Attraction, make the edit and click Change.

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