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  • Applying Charges and Payments
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Charges can be applied three ways:

  • Night Audit - Charge Folios: The Room Rent is automatically charged per night during Night Audit. See Night Audit Procedures
  • Front Desk - Quick Charge: See Quick Charge
  • Add Charge: Charges added by the User in the Folio within the Booking Details. See Add Charge

Payments can be applied to the Folio in two ways:

  • Online Booking: Automatically posted with an online booking.
  • Add Payment: Payments added by the User in the Folio within the Booking Details. See Add Payments and Deposits and Refunds

Payments behave in much the same way, except that when a credit card payment is applied, the payment is actually processed in 'real time' (if using MyCard). Direct Bill charges have a same behavior.
To change the payment method, simply select a different option from the drop down list. Payments default to the primary folio, to place a payment on an alternate folio select the desired folio from the folio drop down, enter the payment details and click apply payment. Credit Card transactions are seamless and Direct Bill payments will automatically post to the AR system at checkout.

Direct Bill payments are available only if the guest has a company assigned that has an AR account with available credit limit. To modify or add the company to be direct billed go to the Booking Data Page and click on the company name. Enter the company name or select from EZ Search and save the booking. Once back in the Folio Page, press the Payment button and select the DB:company as your payment method for this folio.

Managing the Folio

MyPMS Manua l- Folio



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