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The Online Booking system gives you a secure facility to collect credit cards. The Online Booking system can process credit cards, but you must have purchased the MyCard Module in order to do so.

Contact BookingCenter at +1-707-874-3922 ext. 201 for purchase help setting up automatic credit card collections.

If you DO NOT have the MyCard Module, processing Credit Cards is a manual step performed by the property in the Marketing And Policies section under .

The booking will provide you with guest credit card details, and then you must process their cards like any 'phone order' based on your 'Deposit, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policy Message'.

There are two important sections in the that affect the payment method and policy. The setting on will determine how the guest make payment and the deposit and cancellation policy they will read upon making a booking. See Marketing and Policies.

Options - "No Deposit", "1-night deposit", or "a percentage deposit" (set the percentage). "A credit card guarantee" is not a legally binding commitment in most cases.

Deposit, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policy Message – explain in 'your own words' policies for advance deposits, conditions for cancellations and refunds and any special conditions specific to your property. Be sure to tick the box, "Guest Must Agree to Terms", in Booking Engine Settings if you want the guest to confirm they agree to your terms.
*Tip Confirmed Bookings vs. Enquiries - if you are not able to provide immediate confirmation for bookings then you should include a statement in your terms and conditions that 'all bookings must be confirmed before they are final'.
This Policy Message displays on the confirmation screen, phone or fax form, on the Site Profile page and GDS listings, at the bottom of the guest booking confirmation e-mail, and in the guest booking details.

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