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This document describes how to 'Set up' the Member's Area for a business that takes reservations over the Internet (most often for accommodation). The Member's Area is an Internet based system used to control -

  • pictures and descriptions,
  • terms and conditions for bookings,
  • booking rules,
  • product availability and daily adjusted pricing,
  • agent or sales channel management,
  • manage incoming bookings,
  • access – and transact - guest credit cards,
  • control commissions

The Member's Area will run on all devices with Internet Access. You must have a Site ID and Password to access the Member's Area. If you are unsure of your ID and Password, call +1-707-874-3922 ext. 202 or login to and click the 'Submit Ticket' to ask for assistance.

Throughout this Manual, you will find hyperlinks that can be clicked to go directly to a specific section. You will be asked for your ID and Password to begin each new session (if you are inactive for more than an hour between visits). Therefore, you will get best results from this document if you use it electronically with an Internet enabled computer.

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