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Search for something in a list

Type the first letters of the first column in the list.

Search for anything displayed in the list

If you want to search a list for any word, type * (asterisk) before you type the word you are looking for. You will be taken to the first record that contains the word you have typed.
You can enter more than one asterisk for multi- criteria searches, e.g. typing '*smith*joh*mma' will find the Guest whose surname is Smith, first name is John and works at MMA, but it will also find Emma Johnston from Smiths Chips (the one who comes first in the list order will be the one who is found first).

Changing list column widths

On some lists you can change the width of columns to show/hide information. To check whether you can resize the columns, move the mouse over the vertical column border. If the mouse cursor changes to a vertical line with arrows on either side, click on the vertical border and drag it to the desired position.

Data Entry
In many cases you will be required to enter date and/or time information within the BookingCenter program (e.g. when entering a booking). You should ensure that the correct date and time are set on your PC or Macintosh using the Date & Time Control Panel. You may use the European or American method of entering dates. To conform with Y2K standards you should enter the year component of a date in its full four digit format whenever you are required to enter date information. Invalid dates will not be accepted by a date field. If you enter an invalid date such as 310699 which is 31st June 1999 you will not be able to [Tab] out of that field until you do enter a valid date. Similarly if the current month was June and you entered 31 into the date field the cursor would remain in that field until a valid date was entered. The following are all valid date entry formats in BookingCenter:
Value Entered Date Equivalent
0101991st January 1999
0101001st January 2000
0101011st January 2001
010119651st January 1965
11st day of the current month, in the current year
88th day of the current month, in the current year

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