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Throughout this reference manual we will use a consistent set of terms to describe the information you enter into the system and what you will see in the windows. To illustrate these concepts, please refer to the following tables:
Information Terminology

A file is a collection of information which contains records. The card index shown on the right represents a file with each card in the index representing a record in the file.

A record is a set of information which relates to a particular entry in a file. The card shown on the right represents a record within the file with each bold text entry on the card representing a label and each plain text entry representing a field.

A field is a piece of information within a record. In the example on the right, the plain text 'Alan Booth' represents a field value. As you move from card to card (or from record to record) the information displayed on each card changes.
Tip When you are entering data into a record use the [Tab] key on the keyboard to move the cursor from one field to the next within the current window.

A label is usually displayed on the window to the left of the field, and it describes the information held in the field. In the example on the right the bold text
'Name:' represents the label. As you move from card to card (or record to record), the information displayed on each card stays the same (e.g. If you enter Guests into the system, their information will be stored in the Guests file. Each Guest will have their own record (card) in the file and information such as Guest Code, description etc. is stored in fields within each record.)

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