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Guest Account
Note You cannot set up a Guest Account for a Complete booking.
1. Click on the Room Bookings button on the Home window. The Booking Details window will open.
2. Find the booking you want to set up a new Guest Account for.
3. Click on the Accounts button. The Guest Accounts Entries list for this booking will be displayed.
4. Click on the New button. The New Guest Account window will open ready for you to begin adding
items to.
Note If you create an account already exists for this guest and you hit theNew button, a
separate account will be created. I f you desire only one account per guest, use theAdd
Items button as outlined below.
5. The Room, Booking, and Guest IDs are entered automatically.
6. Enter the Item code in the Item field and [Tab].
7. Enter the quantity and [Tab]. The cursor will be move back into the Item field ready to add another
8. Enter another Item and [Tab] or click OK to finish. You will be returned to the Guest Account
Entries list.



Close the Guest Account Entries list to return to the Booking Details window.

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