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It is possible to print a hard copy of a report from a screen report displayed on the monitor.
Clicking on the 'P' in the upper right corner of the Screen report window will display a menu of options in relation to the screen report as shown. Note 'Print Page' will only print that page of the report visible
on screen while 'Print Report' prints the entire report.
Data Entry Mode
!worddav8ecdccf55da2a1565778c7afbaf48b2b.png|height=167,width=200!When entering data into a window usually by means of the New or Edit commands, the OK and Cancel buttons (circled) will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the window indicating that the win- dow is currently in enter data mode. When in this mode you will nor- mally not be able to access any other area of BookingCenter until either the OK or Cancel buttons is selected again.

Once the current operation has been performed and the OK or Cancel button has been pressed the window will return to its normal state. Whenever you are entering data into a window or dialog box, press the {Tab} key to move the cursor from one field to the next within that window or dialog box.

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