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When you see

It means


Click on the OK button in the current window or press the Enter key on the keyboard.


Press the Enter key on the keyboard.


Click on the Cancel button in the current window or press the Esc key located in the top right hand corner of the keyboard.


Press the Tab key located on the left hand side of the keyboard.

Standard Window Buttons
Button KeyboardFunction


Ctrl + F

Finds a record depending on what value you enter. Use the [Tab] key to move the cursor into the field that you wish to find (e.g. to find by surname you would [Tab] into the surname field and then enter the surname before clicking OK).
Tip You can perform a Find on any field that you can tab into after clicking on the Find button.
Note You can only perform a find on one value at a time.
Also note that the Find command is case-sensitive.
Do not press [Tab] after you have entered your find criteria, as the find is performed on the current field that the cursor is in.
If the record you are looking for doesn't come up first, use the Next and Previous buttons to cycle through the records on the index that you just found on.
e.g. If you perform a find on a booking by date, then all bookings made on that date will also be found. Use the Next and Previous buttons to cycle through this group of records to locate the one you want.


Ctrl + G

Displays the next record in the current window.


Ctrl + H

Displays the previous record.


Ctrl + L

Displays the last record entered into the system.


Ctrl + N

Create a new record.


Ctrl + E

Edit the currently displayed record.


Ctrl + P

Print the currently displayed record or list.


Ctrl + ?

Help on the current window.

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