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Radio Button

A radio button is used where it is necessary to choose only a single option out of a number of given options. After clicking on the desired button it remains highlighted unless you change it.


A Checkbox is used when it is necessary to use an
'On / Off ' selection. If not checked, clicking on the
Checkbox will 'Check' the box (as shown on the
diagram). Clicking on it again (or clicking on a
'Checked' box) will uncheck it. More than one
Checkbox may be checked at once, unlike radio
buttons where you can select only one option out of
those offered.

Dialog Box

A dialog box is used when it is necessary to choose certain options to perform a function. In the simple example shown on the left, there is a choice of only two options offered via a radio button: Screen or Printer. However a dialog box may contain a large number of options including radio buttons, checkboxes and data entry fields. A dialog box always contains either an OK, Print or Save and a Cancel button and one of these buttons must be chosen to continue.
Remember Any highlighted button (as
shown by the Print button) may also be chosen by pressing [Enter] on the keyboard.

Drop Down List

A Drop Down List is displayed in a window, as a box with a down arrow and 'drops down' when clicked on. Once it has been displayed in full, a selection can be made in the same manner as a normal menu.

Command Terminology

Pop-Up Menu

A Pop-Up menu pops-up when you click on a cell in either the:
• Daily Room Management Chart
• Hourly Venue Availability Chart
• On any line in the Daily Room Management
The pop-up menu displays room information and
current status as well as booking information (if
The pop-up menu is context sensitive meaning that
what is displayed and offered on the menu depends
on what it is you are clicking on. If you are clicking
on a vacant room or cell (see 1st example), there are
only three selectable options whereas when you click
on a room or cell with a booking the menu offers
functions in relation to bookings as well (see 2nd
example). Also note that in the 2nd example, the
last three commands are disabled. This is because
the booking chosen is unconfirmed. If it were an
active booking then the last three options would be
enabled as they then become relevant.
Remember Any line in a pop-up menu with
ellipses (...) trailing after it is a selectable menu item and when chosen will take you to that area of the program.

Selecting any menu item with an ellipse (...) after it will take you to that area of the program:
e.g. Selecting New Booking... as shown from the
1st pop-up menu will take you to the New Booking
window ready for you to enter a new booking.
Similarly, selecting Booking 1042... as shown in
the 2nd example on the left will take you to the
Booking Details window with booking number
1042 loaded for review.

Hypertext Links

Click here to hyperlink to the
Guest Details window.

Hyperterxt Links appear in a window as blue underlined text. Clicking on a link will take you to that area of the program. For example, hypertext links may be found in the Booking Details window. In addition, any Individual Booking associated with a Group Booking displays the Group Booking ID in blue underlined text just beneath the date field on the window. Clicking on the link will open the Group Bookings window with that Group Booking's details loaded for review.

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