To add or modify your taxes, go to SETUP | SETTINGS | TAX CONFIGURATION.

In this section, you can modify your primary currency (currency used across system), add new taxes and edit the current tax settings.

There are two main taxes, the primary and secondary tax. When these taxes are enabled, tax is automatically calculated on room rent in bookings and posted to guest folios.

You can enable one or both of the Primary and Secondary taxes depending on your needs. If you have either Primary or Secondary Tax enabled, the values of these fields will automatically populate the RENT item and taxes will be calculated and posted to the guest folio when room rents are posted. It is critical that your primary and secondary tax fields are using the correct values for your business.

Additional taxes can also be added and applied to Room Rent and/or applied to inventory items. This is useful for flat fees or sales tax on inventory items. See instructions below. See Add Additional Taxes

To change the name of your taxes, go to Custom System Labeling.

Modify your current Primary and SecondaryTax Settings

To change the Tax Settings, click Edit.

Make any changes and click Save. To change the Tax Rate, go to the next step.

Modify your current Primary and Secondary Tax Rate