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The Agent Allocation feature of BookingCenter makes it easy to set specific rates and the percentage (%) of rooms you want to sell to a specific online Agent.

These can be updated at any time by the Site, altering both the availability and rates sold to the Agent. See Understanding Agent Allocations.


If you create an Agent titled 'RIENNES' for example in your MyPMS (Via the My Agents area) or Desktop PMS (via the Agents area), and you wish to use this agent on a website to allocate specific rates and availability, then make to sure to use the URL properly on your website.

If your BookingCenter Site ID is 'DEMO' and the agent you created has an ID: RIENNES, then the URL to you use on your website would like this:

You place your Site ID as a prefix to the agent and that distinguishes it for you.  If you are using an outside system, such as buuteeq or an XML booking engine, then make sure you give them this special 'agent URL' and they can query that to get the specific Rooms & Rates desired.

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