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  • Room: Room assignment of Booking
  • Folio: Folio # of booking.
  • Folio Name: Name of folio to which the transaction is charged. I.e. primary folio, group master folio, house account folios
  • Date: Date the transaction posted
  • Description: Description of transaction. Room Rent description automatically fills in during night audit. Manual charges will display the description entered by the user.
  • Taxable Charge: Amount charged in transaction. Or, if a negative number, then it is the amount of the adjustment made to the folio.
  • Tax Amount: Tax amount charged on the transaction.
  • Tax Adjustment: Displays amount of tax credited when Room Rent and Manual transactions are removed from the folio.
  • User: User ID for front desk users; XML for website bookings; admin for online bookings including OTA channels.


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