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Welcome to the TripAdvisor Direct Connection!

The BookingCenter- TripAdvisor Direct Connection offers seamless integration of bookings, availability and rates. Set up and activation and quick and easy.

Rates and Availability are all managed in your PMS with pricing and allocation tools for flexibility and control of multiple online channels

We are here to help make sure your connection runs as smoothly as possible, so please contact us with any questions

  • A property must be both a BookingCenter and TripAdvisor Business Listing customer and enroll via the Management Center at TripAdvisor to accept the TripConnect API terms and conditions from TripAdvisor. When doing this, our customers select BookingCenter as their Booking Engine (which you will see as an option).
TripAdvisor Module

The TripAdvisor Module from BookingCenter has 2 key features, both included in a flat price of $30/month, which you can order by contacting BookingCenter. You can use one or both of the programs below, as the price is the same.

Included in the TripAdvisor Module:

  • TripConnect. Details on this program can be found on BookingCenter's website BookingCenter Trip Advisor Interface and on TripAdvisor's website, Trip Connect-How does it work? 
    Please be aware that TripAdvisor offers 2 variations on TripConnect : the first one, TripConnect, has a property paying for clicks to their 'website' (a 'pay per click' - PPC - business model for getting people to book with you) and also a program called InstantBooking where TripAdvisor charges a commission for each booking.   At this time, BookingCenter is NOT offering the InstantBooking option, only TripConnect.  So, make sure to select TripConnect when adding the feature from within TripAdvisor.  Both programs fuflfill the same feature - offering rate and availability with a direct link to make a booking from your TripAdvisor page, circumventing OTA links such as or Expedia.  But TripConnect requires payment up-front for 'clicks', and InstantBooking charges a commission for completed bookings.  BookingCenter will eventually support the InstantBooking in the future.
  • Review Express Details on this program can be found on BookingCenter's website BookingCenter Trip Advisor Interface and on TripAdvisor's website, Welcome to Trip Advisor - Review Express

Sign up and activate TripAdvisor with your BookingCenter PMS:

  • To start, your property must must be both a BookingCenter and TripAdvisor Business Listing customer. If you need to sign up, see Trip Advisor: Get Listed Now and What a Business Listing offers your property
  • Once you are signed up for a Trip Advisor business listing, enroll for the TripConnect program via the TripAdvisor Management Center.
  • Once you have selected to enroll with the TripConnect program, you will be presented with a list of 'Certified Booking Engine' companies. Choose 'BookingCenter' and within 24 hours your listing on TripAdvisor will show your Availability Calendar and allow travelers to get 'Direct Rates' - no more sending customers to GDS and OTA travel websites where you pay a high cost for a booking.
  • You don't need to do anything within your BookingCenter system for this to work - that has all been handled in the interface between BookingCenter and TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor will be pulling the rates and availabiity allocated to your 'website', which is usually Agent: BC.  You don't need to inform BookingCenter you have signed up for these services, as TripAdvisor notifies us witin 24 hours.

Note: There are times when you have signed up for TripConnect, but you will not see the "Official Site" tab under your listing that directs them to your BookingCenter Booking Engine.  According to TripAdvisor, this can happen when your Campaign Management page has not been given enough credit, or if the bid is not high enough.  Thus, your "Official Site" tab under your listing can come and go based on the 'market volatility' of TripAdvisor's campaigns. BookingCenter can not help to restore the link to your 'Official' website if this happens, only TripAdvisor can.  To learn what you need to do to set up your campaign to get that "Official Site" tab under your TripAdvisor back again, see this video: How to Sign up for Trip Connect

Note: BookingCenter also support's the TripAdvisor Conversion Tracking program. This means that when a property participates in TripConnect, and bids for clicks, BookingCenter will send back details about the booking made, such as what date/time the booking was completed, currency booked, cost, and what method used to track the booking. Thus, a participating property can get a good 'return on investment' analysis.

The TripAdvisor Module is more empowering technology from BookingCenter to help you perform better. If you want to sign up or learn more about how BookingCenter can help you improve your use of TripAdvisor, contact us today.