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The first step is to create a Yield Profile in which you set occupancy and/or time rules to automatically adjust rates.  There is no limit to the number of Yield Profiles you can set up and the Yield Profiles can overlap. However, it is important to note the Yield adjustments calculations are cumulative and need to be planned accordingly to achieve the desired rate. If you are creating multiple Yield Profiles, read Note below.

After the 'Yield Profile' has been built, then add the Rate Plans that you want the Yield Profile to apply to.

There are four combinations of occupancy and date range settings to choose from:

Multiple YIeld Profiles


Therefore, if you are creating multiple Yield Profiles that overlap, then enter the correct percentage adjustment.

For example, if you create one Yield Profile: If more than 30 Days in Advance, reduce rate by 10%. Then, another Yield Profile: If 60 Days in advance, reduce Rate by 15%..

  • The first Yield Profile would have: If more than 30 Days, then  -10% adjustment.
  • The second Yield Profile would have, if more than 60 Days, then -5% adjustment.

The -10% is taken if more than 30 Days and the -5% after 60 Days for a cumulative discount of -15% if booked more than 60 Days in advance.

Yield Management


To Add a Yield Profile, follow these steps:

  • Click Add at the bottom right.
  • A new Yield Profile will open.

There are four combinations of occupancy and date range settings to choose from:

In the example below, the yield profile is using both Occupancy and Time rules. The Yield Profile description of "15% 30 Day below 50%" means that the rate will adjust by -15% if the booking is more than 30 Days in Advance OR Occupancy falls below 50%.

Add Rate Plans to Yield Profile

Add the Rates that you want to apply the YIeld Profile.  A Rate can have multiple Yield Profiles applied 

  • To add a Rate Plan to the Yield Profile, click on the "Desc" to open the Profile screen.

  • Click Add Rate to add one specific Rate. Or, click Add All Rates to add all of your rates to the Yield Profile.

Click image to enlarge

  • If you click Add Rate, then a screen will open with a field to select the Rate. Click on the magnifying glass icon to expand the drop down list of your rates.
  • Select the Rate and click Save.

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You will then see the Rate in the list of the Yield Profile.

  • To remove the rate for the Yield Profile, click Delete next to the Rate.
  • To add another rate to the Yield Profile, select Add Rate

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Yield Grid

Finally, in order to easily view how Yielded rates are affecting your Agent Channels, we have a 'Yield Grid' that allows you to see how rates are being set, per Agent Channel, based on a calendar view. This tool, when set next to the 'normal' Rate Grid', visually shows how rates are being affected to each Agent Channel. Note that the example below assumes that the Agent Channel has a 'Rate Loading' set in addition to the Yield, making the Rate first 'loaded' by 11% and then 'yielded' by the amount set in the Yield Profile.. Thus there are two modifying calculations being applied to the rate via this Agent Channel. See Yield Grid