Now that you have created your Room Rates and Room Types, you can add individual Rooms.  The last step is to set up your Rooms and assign them to Room Types. All Rooms must be linked to a Room Type.

These Rooms will be visible and available in your Front Desk and through any distribution channel (MyPMS, Website bookings, GDS, etc) in which the corresponding Room Types are allocated.

Each Room can be set up with a unique Room ID and description to fit your property. Typically, a property will use a number, letter or name. For example, 101, A, or Lake Suite.

Remember, rates are allocated by room type so a Room will inherit the rate of the Room Type it is assigned to. For example, Room 101, 102 and 103 are all assigned to the QUEEN Room Type with a rate of $84.

Add as many Rooms as needed by clicking "Add New Room".

To see your Rooms or to make changes, click "View Rooms."

Example of Room

  • Room ID: 101
  • Description: One Queen Bed.
  • Publish to the internet:Yes
  • Room Type: QUEEN

Add Rooms

Enter the Room number, letter or name that you use to identify each room. Once the basic Room information is entered here, you will be able to add details and manage options in your PMS. To view a list of the Rooms you have set up, click Save and Continue or click the View Rooms link.

To add a Room, Click Add Room

  • Room ID: Enter the #, letter or name that you use to identify the room.
  • Description: This will appear in guest folios,  confirmation letters, statements and receipts.
  • Publish to the internet: choose yes to make  this room available online through your Website, GDS, OTA and Agent Channels.
  • Room Type: Choose from the Room Types that you have already created.

View Rooms

To view Rooms or make changes, click “View Rooms.”

  • To edit a Room, double click on the Room and edit.
  • To delete a Room, click Delete to the right of the Room.