Sunday, October 5th, at 9 pm PST.

In this latest release, you will see new features and some major enhancements to House Accounts, POS, Packages, Guest letters and more. A major highlight of the upgrade is the addition of  "Print/Email" and "Search" to the House Accounts. This new feature enables you to print or email a selected list of charges and then provide customized receipts. Please see details on Features, Enhancements and New User Functions below.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Early Check-out Warning:  A new feature alerting the front desk that a Guest is checking out before the original departure date. When this happens, a dialog box will appear asking to confirm the early checkout.
  • “Print All Registration Cards”: Moved from Arrivals Report to a separate Report under Daily Reports. Print all Registration Cards for the current day, or choose a day in the future.  See Print All Registration Cards For My Arrivals
  • “Package Detail” link: (This feature is available only to users of the Packaging Module) Package Rate Plans now include a link to display the Package items and the price, the quantity, and the recur time. The link is visible next to the Package Rate in the New Bookings and Booking Details. Learn more about Packages

New User Functions (User driven or enabled)

  • “Warn On Check-in” Flag: Show a warning message when a guest is checking in! An optional feature that is enabled for the Guest Type enabled, will automatically show a warning message when a Guest checks in. This feature is designed to help staff by alerting them to special requirements when the guest arrives. To learn more see, “Warn On Check-in” Flag
  • House Accounts and Point of Sale (POS): Part of our ongoing work to improve the House Account function for better ‘Point of Sale’ use.  See House Accounts Folios
    • Print/Email: Print or email a list of selected charges and/or payments to provide customized receipts from House Accounts folios. POS Receipt Function
    • Search Folio: Added Search function to House Accounts. Search and display House Account folios by name or folio number for historical review. A highlight is that House Account folios can be closed, yet still searchable and reprinted at a later date.
  • New Letter Type: Customize a POS Receipt Letter specific to your POS printer! This new Letter Type, called “POS”, is used in conjunction with the Print/Email enhancement in the House Account.  The POS Receipt is a Letter and is viewed and edited in the Setup area. See POS Receipt Letter and Merge Fields
  • Custom Letters: We have added a new Merge Fields to Custom Letters! See Letters
    • "Max Number of Guests": maximum number of guests set at the Room Type
    • Source: Seen under Booking Details.
    • Guest Type: Seen under Guest Details.

 We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Corrected an issue with new guests added without the “live” flag set.  Now, when a new Guest is added they will automatically be set live.
  • Corrected an issue when adding a booking to a Group after being created outside of a Group. Not all of the guest information would be saved with the guest record.  All Guest information will now be automatically saved.
  • Corrected an issue where a User’s account may have IP filtering enabled, without IP filtering being setup for the property level, preventing the user from logging in.



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