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To see a list of all Guests, go to SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | GUESTS.

Here you can modify the information in the guests record as well as see all bookings associated with the guest.

By default 100 records are displayed. due to the volume of guests most properties will have it is recommended to use the search features to locate specific guests. 

To view guest details and booking history of guest, click on the guest ID and the Guest Record will appear.  You can then Modify the guest record.

At the top of the Guests tab is a button allowing you to export all guest information into a .csv file. This is useful when you need to export your guest database to use for marketing purposes. Choose "Show only live" and "Show all guests" and then click on the button "Export all Guests".

To edit information about a Guest, choose the Guest and click the Edit button. Then, make your changes and click 'Save' button when done. You can thus make updates to Guest records - after checkout - without affecting the linkage to bookings.

If you need to Edit the Guest record attached to a Booking to become a different Guest record, then the 'Reset Guest ID' feature works even after a booking has been completed.

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