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Hotels that include some or all of the daily meals as part of the rate or as an “add-on” for a preset amount use Meal Plans. These meal plans can be as limited as a daily continental breakfast, or an all-inclusive meals and beverages plan.

Meal Plan Requirements

Meal Plans are:

  • Required for the GDS HODs to display the meal plan name and description or to check a meal plan indicator. In addition, Meal Plans are included as part of the interactive shopping responses in next generation seamless products, e.g. Galileo Complete Pricing Plus. (We anticipate other GDSs to follow.)
  • Used for the IDS channel and maintained via an automated XML interface updates into the Pegasus Hotel Content (HCD) and/or Channel Connect.

GDS Profile


  • Located at: Setup > Property > Meal Plans
  • This section allows for the entry specific information regarding meals offered at the property. For example, if you have breakfast, would recommend adding this here.