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To get started with GDS and OTA, see: GDS Network, OTA Contract Rates: How to Enroll In GDS/OTA Connections

What is the Global Distribution System (GDS)

What is the Global Distribution System (GDS) is an international, interconnected network of traditional travel agents and online travel agent (OTA) websites. Because the traditional GDS systems are only a fraction of the ways people research and book travel these days, when combined with non-traditional networks, BookingCenter refers to the entirety as the Global Booking Network.[/su_expand]

Why enroll in GDS?

  • Increased visibility on high-trafficked travel websites where you would not be seen normally.  We encourage our properties to see the GDS as a part of their marketing plan.  75-85% of all travel consumers will research their travel options online, while only 10% of travelers will book your property without doing any internet research.
  • Increased revenue from GDS bookings.  Who doesn’t want more bookings?  Who doesn’t want new clientele?  And who doesn’t want the opportunity to turn those new guests into repeat guests?
  • Increased networking and relationships with travel industry powerhouses.
  • Increased marketing opportunities on the internet and travel agent databases, driving guests to research your property directly at your property’s website.

What’s the difference between GDS and OTA Contract Rates?

The Global Distribution System (GDS) is an international, interconnected network of traditional travel agents and online travel agent (OTA) websites. This vehicle offers a very wide marketing approach, as over 8500 travel agent sites and databases have access to your property’s information.  An OTA Contract Rate is a narrow marketing approach, offering a direct contract between your property and one Online Travel Agent.  This can be strategic as there are many perks that are offered your property because of that direct agreement.  When these two are combined, it offers a comprehensive global and targeted approach to online distribution.

Why connect GDS to your PMS?

With BookingCenter, you not only get more connections, you have complete control of what they see. You can allocate specific rooms to distribution partners, provide unique rooms, rates, availability to whichever OTA channel/agent you wish, and reserve others for your walk-ins, your website, or your partner agents.  Allocate rooms to suit your needs, your goals. You strategically price your rooms, conncted to your actual availability, in real–time.  Set Length of Stay and cancellation policies to fit each different agent.

When you set these parameters in your BookingCenter management tool, it is uploaded to each distribution channel.  When reservations are made on those distribution channels, they are seamlessly downloaded into your BookingCenter