Setting up a new Direct Connection with MyPMS

If you DO NOT already have an account with, then you must first complete enrollment with

We are here to assist, but please note that the initial steps for account setup are between your property and

Once you have completed the enrollment, you will then complete the steps in | Activate Connection.

If you already are enrolled with, go to | Activate Connection

Please follow the steps below to set up a new account and direct connection to BookingCenter. Direct

STEP 1: Create a support ticket with the Subject "Interested in Direct Connection". 

We will communicate any necessary clarifications, questions or issues to you on this ticket. Please do the same and we will have all correspondence in one place.

STEP 2: Set up an account with If you already have a account, continue to

To set up a account:

  • Enroll directly with via their Direct Connect Program by filling out the necessary paperwork found at:

  • Work with your Market Manager to complete required set-up information. BookingCenter cannot assist with this process. will only work with the property directly until you have been accepted in their Direct Connect program.

  • Go to Step 3 for steps to be completed with the Market Manager.

STEP 3: Please complete these steps with the Market Manager

  • Tell your Market Manager that you are participating in their Direct Connect program using BookingCenter Provider ID: 477 
  • All room rates based on Double Occupancy. All other rates will be derived from those.  If you have different rates for a single guest, please define that with your Market Manager.  If you have different rates for more than 2 guests, please define that with your Market Manager.
  • Review the Room Type descriptions set up the in the Extranet. The descriptions can be different in Expedia than they are in your Extranet since we will map by Room Type ID We will just need to know which matches to the MyPMS Room Type ID if the descriptions are different. Also, please set up any images, room amenities, policies, etc. in your extranet.
  • Turn OFF the auto-replenish for these two settings: cancellations AND for closed-out rooms.  For smaller properties especially, this is key to control potential over bookings.
  • If you have any current promotional programs through, you will need to suspend those until our Direct Connection is confirmed.

NOTE: Once this is completed, the team will activate the ‘Channel Manager’ link on your extranet

STEP 4: Start the XML Signup Process in your Extranet