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This report provides data on financial and revenue matters. Most needs can be achieved through the use of this report. BookingCenter has left this report flexi- ble due to the various natuers that financial and tax reporting is achieved throughout the marketplace. Once your property has a defined process for reporting upon Accomodation, Extras, and Taxes, write up a sheet so that the end-of-month and tax reports are easily.
Below are descriptions for the various report options available:
To access the Financial Report, Click on the Reports button from the Home
window and the click on the Financial Summary button. Select the desired
report type based on the what type of data is requested:
1. Bookings
• Select All for all bookings in the date range, including Cancelled bookings.
• Select Outstanding for account balances that have outstanding balances.
• Select Active for bookings that are in Active status (in-house).
• Select Cancelled for a list of all bookings that are Cancelled status.
• Select Complete to view only Completed status bookings.
2. Select the Dates option
• Date Entered: The date that Bookings of Group Bookings were entered.
• Arrival Date: All Bookings and Group Bookings scheduled to Arrive within the date range.
• Depart Date: All Bookings and Group Bookings scheduled to Depart within the date range.
• Occupied Date: All Bookings and Group Bookings scheduled to be occupied within the date range.
Note Choosing Occupied Date will deselect the Booking Status field as only bookings that were actually
checked in & out would be considered in this report. If the property was not properly cancelling 'No
Shows' and checking in/checking out/completing bookings correctly, then this report will not return
a true 'Occupied' number.
Tip ! Tax Reporting Help: Most properties in the United States and Canada pay taxes only for those dates their rooms were occupied. The 'Occupied' report is the easiest way to achieve a taxable liability for the tax authority. Only use the Occupied date option to pay taxes if the BookingCenter PMS is being used correctly for checking in/checking out/completing bookings correctly. If you leave Review, Confirmed, or Unconfirmed bookings in the system without cancelling them, using this option can results in over-paying taxes!
Tip ! Tax Reporting Help: Another method used for Tax Reporting by BookingCenter properties that guarantees no over-
payment of tax, regardless of how well the system is being used, is to use the following:
• Choose the option for Completed Bookings: those bookings manually COMPLETED usually paid and left the property).
• Then choose Depart Date: this makes the report look for bookings that departed in the time frame, regardless
of when they arrived. This will assure that long-term stays are not a tax laibaility until they check out and have
been completed.
• Then choose Finiancial Type.
• The total listed in this report will include the following:
• List and subtotal of all Acomodation revenue without tax
• List and subtotal of all Accomodation taxes
• List and subtotal of all Extras revenue without tax
• List and subtotal of all Extras taxes
• List and subtotal of all Commissions liability
• List and subtotal of all Refunds given
• List and subtotal of all Payments received
• List and subtotal of all Balances yet due on the Bookings, Group Bookings, or Invoices.
• Daily Analysis: This provides a daily financial analysis as described in the Daily Manager's Summary report. (See "Daily Financial Analysis" on page cxxvii )
Note If the Daily Analysis option is chosen, only a single day is available to report upon.
• Receivables: This provides a list of all aged receivables as described in the Daily Manager's Summary
report. (See "Accounts Receivables." on page cxxvii
3. Select the report destination.
Tip Select Screen instead of Printer if you want to preview the report before printing.
4. Enter the reporting period in the From and to fields.
5. Select your sorting and sub-totalling options.
Note The overall data will be grouped by your selection forFirst Sort & subtotal . . . with each individual grouping (subtotal) ordered by your selection forthen Sort by . . .
6. Click the Print button to generate the report.
Note Each transaction will be assigned on of the following codes:
BK = Individual Booking
GB = Group Booking
CN = Conference Booking
SI = Sales Invoice (direct sale)

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