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This report provides a tally of receipts issued by BookingCenter either manually by your staff or automatically through your webiste (if using the Point of Sale Module). These receipts are actual payments made to the property.
1. Click on the Reports button from the Home window. The Reports window will be displayed.
2. Click on the Receipts button. The Receipts Reports dialog box will be displayed.
3. Select the desired report type:
• Summary - Generates a list of all your receipts in order by receipt type (i.e. Cash, Visa, etc.).
Note In addition to giving unique Receipt Type totals, BookingCenter subtotals credit cards into a single
'Credit Cards' total for ease of reconciliation with your Merchant Account's statement.
• Advance Deposit - Generates a list of all advance deposits taken as well as refunds, commissions,
and balance associated with each advance deposit booking.
• Unallocated - These are Sales that were not allocated to a Booking.
• Details - Generates the full details for each receipt.
• Allocation by Owner - Generates receipts allocated to each owner set up in your system.
4. Select the report destination.
Tip Select Screen instead of Printer if you want to preview the report before printing.
5. Enter the reporting period in the From and to fields.
6. Click the Print button to generate the report.

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