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Import Fields

Use a spreadsheet program to order the files in the Inventory file that you will import so that they match the field order used by BookingCenter shown below:
Inventory Import Tables
GROUP CODE: used as an Inventory Group code ITEM CODE: used as an Inventory Item code ITEM DESC: used as a text descriptin of the Item
EXTENDED DESC: used as a longer text descriptin of the Item, usually to sell online via an online website.
Note This requires a Point of Sale Module to sell Items online. COST: what the Item costs YOU, the supplier. SELL: what the Item will sell for to the customer.
UNITS: what is the term used for each ;unit' written as a text description.
Note usually use teh word 'each' or 'per' here.
TAX RATE: what is the Tax 1 tax, written as a percentage (%)
SERV CHG RATE: what is the Tax 2 tax, written as a percentage (% OVERRIDE: If checked (ie, 1), then the Item can have its cost over-ridden. If not checked (ie, 0) then it does not have its cost overridden when sold manually by a person.
TYPE (0=Stock, 1=Service, 2=Misc).
Note BookingCenter makes no use of whether the Item is classified as a Stock, Service, or
Misc - this is for the user's records only.

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