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Click on the Room Bookings button on the Home window. The Booking Details window will






Find the booking that you wish to edit as outlined above.



Click on the Edit button.



Make the necessary changes to the booking and click OK.

Booking Notes There is a field in the Booking Details window for general booking notes. In addition, there is an area for Office Only Notes. Access to creating, reviewing, deleting, and editing Office Notes records can be restricted when configuring the Access Levels. These notes are also time and person-stamped. Office Notes will be automatically copied to the guest's permanent guest record in the Guests screen. These notes may also be searched in the Marketing function (See "Per- forming a Notes Search" on page cxxii .
1. Click the New button to create a new Office Note.
2. Double-click on any existing note to display the Notes window for that note. You may now edit or
delete the existing note.

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