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This report generates data on your conference bookings and groups it as you select. You must have purchased the Conference Module to make conference bookings.
1. Click on the Reports button from the Home window. The Reports window will be displayed.
2. Click on the Conferences button. The Conference Reports dialog box will be displayed.
3. Select the type of booking date you will use for the report:
• Date Entered
• Arrival Date
• Depart Date
4. Enter the date range in the Between . . . and . . . fields.
5. Select the radio button by which to sort your data.
6. Select the report type:
• List - Generates a list of conference bookings.
• Details - Generates all the Conference Details for each conference booking.
• Finance - Generates financial data for each conference booking.
7. Select the report destination.
Tip Select Screen instead of Printer if you want to preview the report before printing.
8. Click Print to generate the report.

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