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This report provides a record of all actions entered into the BookingCenter database, whether done to set up the system, deleting a room, or make a book- ing. The date, time, person, and type of actions are all generated and can be used by management to audit past behavior by staff.
1. Select Parameters from the BookingCenter menu. Click on the Audit Trail button.
2. Click on the appropriate radio button to select the required Audit Trail report:
• All Types - Will report on all actions.
• New Entries - Will only report on all new entries made.
• Edits - Will only report on all edits made.
• Deletions - Will only report on all deletions made.
3. Enter a date range in the Between/and fields if you desire the report for a specific date range
otherwise leave these fields empty.
4. Enter the Person ID Code in the Person ID field if you wish to generate a report for a particular staff
person, otherwise leave the field empty for all actions.
5. Select the report destination.
Tip Select Screen instead of Printer if you want to preview the report before printing.
6. Click Print to generate the report.

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