Local Policies contain information used by the Portal to populate the text policy fields in the GDS databases, as well as critical information for Hotel Descriptive Data.

Note: Only alphanumeric character, spaces, dashes, forward slashes (/), semi-colons, periods (decimals), and asterisks are allowed in the free text boxes

Enter information that travel agents can use to sell your hotel to their clients.

  •  Field designated as Informational display only contain non-binding data, and are used by travel professionals to consider the general extra charges for your hotel.
  • These fields:
    • Should display the most common amount the hotel assesses for the charges.
    • In most cases, display in the GDS hotel descriptive data.


  1. Located at: Setup > Property > Policies
  2. Fields designated with "*" are required. Fields designated with "†" are displayed in one or more GDS and/or Pegasus HCD and/or Channel Connect. Maximum field lengths are noted in parenthesis next to text fields.