For customers only. Your property must have an active account on to use these tools.

BookingCenter developed and supported a 2-way interface to RateManager, but stopped supporting the product in 2019, and will no longer accept customers.  They may bring the product back, and we're ready to support it, if they do.  But for now, only RateIntelligence is supported, detailed below.

The BookingCenter to RateManager interface has 2 main components:

  1. BookingCenter keeps the RateManager product up-to-date with all booked and modified rates for the Room Types maintained in BookingCenter.  This means all booking activity goes from BookingCenter to the RateManager product. 
  2. The RateManager product then calculates rate strategies based on their comparative rates from their market analysis and the goals they set with you.  These rates then get posted back to BookingCenter and over-write what was set in the Rate 'setup area' of the Property Management System.  Thus, these new rates go out to the channels you have allocated based on what is posted to BookingCenter from the RateManager product.

The key take-away is that the RateManager product will decide the rate values that BookingCenter stores. It's a compelling 'revenue management' approach from the network, which has excellent 'rate comps' for most markets.  But, like all automated revenue management approaches, it may take time and tinkering from your team to get the results you want in all/most occupancy situations.

This is the 'big picture' of what the interface accomplishes.  If you choose to progress, then we will begin setup of the RateManager interface.  This will go from our TEST system to their TEST system and won't affect any of the 'production' data in the your PMS or profile in  But RateManager will begin receiving detailed analysis of past and future bookings, so this is a sharing of your 'commercial data' that your hotel should consider carefully.  

If you decide to progress with this interface, BookingCenter accepts NO responsibility for how the data that is shared with RateManager is used. You are accepting 100% responsibility for this decision.

We bill the $500 annually to enact and verify the interface is working as intended.  Just let us know when you are ready for us to start the program for you.

For more information on the Rate Manager Tools, see

MyPMS Interface with Rate Intelligence

A property can select up to 5 'comparative properties' (commonly called a 'comp set') to review rates vis a vis these other 5 properties on a daily basis, using the network.  Thus, an easy tool to see how your rates are comparing to your competition.  If you decide to activate these tools in BookingCenter, then your data will be displayed in SETUP | RATES | RATE INTELLIGENCE.




Once you have signed, then your rate data will display in BookingCenter MyPMS.