To set up the BookingCenter software exclusively for your property, you must first configure the Parameters.

Note: If you haven't yet entered your Lock Code ( issued by BookingCenter .com) you should do so before continuing any further! Your Lock Code will give you access to any additional modules that you purchased with the basic system. If you have purchased any additional modules but they remain disabled in the program then you may not have entered your Lock Code or entered it incorrectly.

Follow these steps:


Note:These default Check-in/Check-out times will appear on both the Booking Advice and Booking Confirmation. If the check-out time is AFTER the check-in time, your inventory will look 'booked' to an enquiry on the Service or through the Enquiry process.

Group Booking Module.

The Setup check boxes in the middle column activate or deactivate options that you wish to run within the software. A brief explanation of each option follows:

Guest Options: 

Sort Management by Click on the radio button to select how the Daily Room Management chart (Page lxxxv) is displayed.
Your selection here will be the default sort method whenever the chart is displayed.
• Room
• Room Type

Select this option if you would like to have the flexibility to manually override the stay requirements set above when making a booking.
Guest "Dear" is Click on a radio button to select how to address Guests in any correspondence generated by the system: