The Booking Comments Report displays the guest booking comments entered into each booking.

There are three types of booking comments that can be entered in the booking: Booking Comments, Guest Comments and Folio Comments. See Booking and Guest Comments and Edit Folio to learn more about how to enter and modify Booking Comments.

The Report displays the booking comments by date range and can be sorted by folio #, guest name, confirmation # or room.

To run a Booking Comments Report:
  • Click on Booking Comments
  • Choose Date: Choose a single date or date range. I.e. for a single date choose Dec. 1, 2015 and Dec. 1, 2015 in both the start and end dates.
  • Comments: Choose the comments to display: All, Guest, Booking or Folio.
  • Sort by: Select the sort order: Confirmation #, Guest Name, Folio # or room..
  • Choose Report format: HTML, EXCEL  or CSV
  • Click Generate Report

Booking Comments Report displays the following information:

See an example: Booking Comments Report.pdf