The Item Analysis Report displays all of the Inventory Items sold in "Add Charge" (OTHER than Room Rent) in the selected date range.The Report includes the Booking #, Room, Folio Name, Item, Date, User, QTY, Extended Price.

The Report is categorized by Inventory Group which can be setup in SETUP | PARAMETERS | INVENTORY GROUPS.  There can be as many Inventory Items and Groups as needed. See Inventory Items

The Report can also be used to track and report on Inventory Items that have a zero dollar value. This is useful for tracking items that need to counted for Housekeeping or Front Desk needs.

If further detail is needed on any category, then use the Transactions Report and select the "Transaction Category" in the drop-down menu and use the same date range to get a detailed list of transaction in that category. You can also leave the drop down on "Select from list" for a list of all transactions during the time frame.

Note: Items can be charged for future dates, such as check-in date, so that the item charge on the folio coincides with the booking dates or to use the Item Analysis Report to plan for items that need to be ready for upcoming guest bookings. For example, a guest orders flowers and you need to know which bookings for the upcoming week to order flowers for. Learn how to post charges to the folio on dates in the future, see Advanced Charges to Folio

All advanced charged can also be tracked in the Advanced Charges Report (tracking what Charges are to be delivered in the future)

Daily Reports

To create an Item Analysis Report:

The Item Analysis Report displays the following information:

See an example: Item Analysis Report.pdf

* Note that the date posted on the Charge affects when the Item will be picked up.  For example, one can sell an Item today (via 'Add Charge' to a folio), January 12, 2011 and have the date tracked as March 23, 2011 on the Folio so that that particular Item will appear on the Item Analysis report for when it's actually 'required' to be used - March 23, 2011. Thus, if an Item is future-dated, that item is considered a 'current liability' to be sold/fulfilled at a future date and is not reported on the date for today, January 12, 2011.  

However, any Payment for the Charge is always 'now' (will appear on the Transaction report when payment is posted) and cannot be future-dated. So don't get confused with charging for an Item and paying for it.