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BookingCenter's Self Check-in empowers your Guests to update their Booking Details, Add Payment Methods, Cancel the booking and complete the Self Check-in process from their mobile device or a device you provide (such as a tablet or kiosk). The Self Check-in function is completed in MyBooking, our secure Guest Portal. MyBooking is fully integrated with MyPMS and MyGuest with synchronized status updates, customized messaging, and digital document signing. 

Once your site is enabled for Self Check-in, each booking in MyPMS is ready for a Self Checkin event, and can be tracked with MyGuest.  The value of the MyGuest connection to Self Checkin is the ability to follow the process of Self Checkin and intervene if something goes amiss.

To start the process, the Guest is sent (email and/or SMS) a customized "Check-in" Letter/SMS with a secure link to MyBooking, the BookingCenter guest portal which allows the guest to view and update booking details and complete self check-in.

Then, depending on the status of the booking and the criteria met, the following messages or 'call to actions' trigger MyGuest updates, including:

  1. Self Checkin Letter Generated
  2. Self Checkin Letter Signed
  3. Self Checkin Booking Checked In
  4. Self Checkin Booking Cancelled
  5. Self Checkin Booking Edited
  6. Self Checkin Credit Card Declined
  7. e-Sign Letter Generated
  8. e-Sign Letter Signed
TypeServiceParent SystemMyGuest Action
1Self Checkin Letter GeneratedAuto LettersCreate
2Self Checkin Letter SignedMyBookingClose
3Self Checkin Booking Checked InMyBookingCreate or Update
4Self Checkin Booking CancelledMyBookingCreate or Update
5Self Checkin Booking EditedMyBookingCreate or Update
6Self Checkin Credit Card DeclinedMyBookingCreate or Update

The secure link emailed/SMS to the Guest is unique to each Booking and, therefore will display the details specific to that particular booking. All MyGuest Request updates post in the MyGuest widget on the front desk and specific booking messages will post to the MyGuest tab that is part of the booking in MyPMS

The changes made by the guest in their MyBooking page are automatically updated to MyPMS and notification sent to MyGuest.

When using MyGuest we recommend using the BookingCenter Manager's app.

Manager's App

MyGuest comes with a downloadable iOS and Android app for staff to manage 'anywhere' and receive immediate alerts via ‘push’ notifications' of new Requests and 'escalations' (if set for the User). Both the web service ( and the iOS and Android app enable you to monitor your guests’ requests in real-time, from anywhere.