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The Setup Wizard will take you through the steps needed to set up your property profile, basic room, rate and tax information. After you have completed the Setup Wizard you will be able to log in to MyPMS to add further customizations, manage bookings and run reports.
There are six steps to complete in the Setup Wizard. Please review the following information before you begin.
  • Each step is sequential and must be completed before you can proceed. Remember, If at any time you need to stop, just logout. The next time you login you will start from where you left off.
  • Your progress will be tracked in the “Setup wizard Checklist” to the right. Each step is sequential and must be completed in order to advance.
  • Each step will give you an examples or tip for entering information.
  • Certain fields may require more explanation. Please refer to the specific step in the Step Wizard Guide for more details and explanation.
  • For instructions and examples, please see the Setup Wizard Guide.

If you need assistance, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us.

titleSetup Wizard Guide

Completing Getting Started

When you are logged in to the MyPMS Setup Wizard, you will see your hotel name in the top header on the right.

The wizard will guide you through steps and track your progress in the “Setup Wizard Steps” to the right.  Each step is sequential and must be completed in order to advance.

Choose Language

The first only thing you need to do in this step is to choose the language that you want to use for MyPMS. The language you choose here will be used across the system. This means that MyPMS will be displayed in that language when you login and use the system.

After you have made your language selection, start the Setup Wizard and go to Step 1, Contact Information.