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Go to SETUP | PMS | USERS, then click on the name of an existing User.

To Edit the User Information: Click Edit. The Screen will refresh with editable fields. See below for details. 

To Unlock a User: Click Edit. The Screen will refresh with editable fields. In the right hand column click on the Unlock User button to unlock the User Id and allow log in. If the User fails 3 times again, the User will be locked again.  If the User is 'Locked out' at the Login screen, they get an option to either:

  1. Send an email to the email address on file and this email has a link that 'Unlocks' the user to try again.
  2. Allows the User to click to one of their Challenge Questions, answer it successfully and that 'Unlocks' the user to try again.


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  • Enable Ip Filtering: This is a per user toggle. If enabled the user will only be allowed to log into the system if their originating IP Address matches a range entered in the IP Filtering Tab. This is an advanced setting that can cause loss of access if used incorrectly, but is useful to property owners who want to limit access to specific networks. See IP Filtering for more information.
  • Status: Active/Inactive. This flag dictates if the user account is live or not, and defaults to Active.
  • From: Allows you to set a user active from a specific date in the future. This allows you to setup a new employees account for the MyPMS system but dictate a date in the future when they can start logging in with it.
  • Roles: Carefully select the role for the new user. Available roles include: Manager, Night Audit, Front Desk. Role Privileges are broken down as follows:
    • Manager: Full access to all Setup functions and Reports.
    • Sr. Night Auditor: Able to perform Night Audit; No access to Setup; Full access to all columns of Reports.
    • Night Auditor: Able to perform Night Audit; No access to Setup;  Access to only first 4 columns of Reports.
    • Front desk: No access to Night Audit or Setup. Access to only the first 3 columns of Reports.
    • Housekeeper: Access only to the Housekeeping section.
  • Challenge Questions/Responses: Each user must have two separate Challenge Questions and Responses. The questions are user definable, and the responses are case sensitive.