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  • Card Type: Credit card type i.e. VISA, MC, AMEX
  • Guest: Guest Name as entered in the booking
  • Folio: Folio # of booking
  • Auth : Auth code, delivered from the merchant processing platform
  • EMV: If the transaction was from an EMV terminal, this will show 'YES'
  • Device: If the transaction was from an EMV terminal, the device name that settled the transaction will appear here.  This is  Device names are optional and only used for properties with 2 or more EMV devices. 
  • CC#: last four digits of credit card number
  • Amount: settled amount of transaction: payment or credit
  • Transaction Type: Payment or credit
  • User/Time: Displays the user who settled the batch and the time it was settled.
  • Batch Number: Batch number includes all credit card transactions settled in the batch.