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Fixed Packages are packages which have a fixed rate or price that will not change dynamically with a Rate Plan'sell price' for a specific time frame.

For example, A Valentine package might have dinner for 2, wine and flowers included with a 3 night stay in a Queen  RoomQueen Room. The package will cost $450. It is not attached to As the price is 'fixed' at $450, the Rate Plan associated with the Queen Room and therefore will not change if that rate is changed. The Rate is however allocated to the Queen Room in the Room Type/Rate Plan allocationswill be ignored. The amount that will be allocated to the Queen room in this case (and becomes taxable at the 'lodging' tax) would be the total of the Items (let's say we had dinner for 2 at $60; wine at $25; and flowers for $25 = $110) less the 'sell price' of $450. So, in this example, the 'Room Rate' becomes $450 - $110 = $340. Because it's a 3-day stay, the ' Queen Room Rate' becomes $113.33/day ($340/3).

Once a package is set up, then it must be allocated in Agent Relationships to appear on your website or GDS. See Allocating Packages

See below for details on setting up a Dynamic Package.

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