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  • Booking: Confirmation #
  • Room: Room assignment of Booking
  • Folio: Description of Room Type. Folio # of booking
  • Item: Name of GuestDescription of Item sold. These are items set up in Inventory Items. See Inventory Items
  • Arrival: Arrival date of booking
  • Departure: Departure date of booking
  • Date: Date the charge was added to the folio. Note: The 'Date' column shows what 'System Date' the Charge posting was made on (if set automatically) Or, if your property allows it, a future date might have been entered when the Charge was posted to a folio, and that future date will be the one listed under the 'Date' column.
  • User: User id of person adding the charge to the folio.
  • QTY: Quantity of items purchased.
  • EXT: Extended price of items purchased and charged to the folio