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Another way to create a booking is to use the Booking by Inquiry function. To make a booking using this function, go to BOOKINGS | BOOKING BY INQUIRY

This method allows to start with a Group Name or booking date the displays availability by Room Type with rates and restrictions.

  • Choose the booking dates. Then filter your search by rate, room type or source. 
  • Choose a specific rate plan and easily see Rate Restrictions available on certain dates based on a Rate Plan.
  • Add a booking to a Group by choosing the group name from the drop down list.



What are Restrictions? To manage Rate Restrictions on a Rate plan go to Manage Rates in the Setup area.

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To create a Booking using the Booking By Inquiry Method, following these steps:

All fields with a red * are required.

  •  Choose Group (Optional): If you are adding a booking to a Group, then choose a Group Booking from this drop-down list.
  • *Enter Arrival Date and Departure Date and the Number of Nights: These fields will Auto-fill based on how you enter the information. For example, if you enter an Arrival and Departure Date, then the # of nights will automatically fill. If you enter an Arrival Date and # of nights the Departure Date will automatically fill
  • *Adults, Children and Infants: The number of Adults must be 1 or more. Children and Infants can be left at Zero.
  • Rate: Choose a Rate Plan to search by or leave on "Select from List" to see all available Rate Plans. See Rate Plans
  • Type (custom label): Choose a Room Type to search by or leave on "Select from List" to see all available Room Types.
  • Source: This is optional, but it is always a good idea to identify a source for Reports and guest marketing. See Setting up Sources
  • Show Restricted Rates: Check this box if you want to view Restricted Rates. Rate restrictions include LOS requirements. See Rate Restrictions

Click "Show Rooms and Rates" and a list will appear on the right under "Select Room Type (Custom Label)"

Choose an available Room Type and the box will expand to show Room and Rate Details.

Click on "view details" to see all details of the room including amenities.