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Owner's can be assigned to one or multiple units. The Owner must first be set up and active in order to assign a unit or room, depending on your label.

The Owner is assigned in the settings of unit or room in SETUP. Therefore any changes made to the description, occupancy, beds, or amenities in the Owner Unit is made in the unit or room settings itself. See Add or Edit Rooms

To view occupancy for Owner Units, go to Bookings Report and choose sort by Room.

To assign a unit to an owner, go to SETUP | RATES | ROOMS

  • Click on the Room ID which you want to assign
  • Click Edit
  • Choose the Owner from the drop down list
  • Click Save

SETUP | RATES | ROOMS                                                                         



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Communications to Owners - Emails and/or SMS Letter

If you wish the Owner to be notified when an online booking occurs for the Owner's unit(s) then make sure the option: Send Letter? is set to YES .  Also, assign a Default Letter and/or SMS for the specific Owner.  If a default Letter(s) is assigned, an online booking will trigger the Owner Email and/or SMS to the Owner with the details saved in the Letter.

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