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Reports allow a manager to find out activity that has been made in the system. These reports are a combination of Central Reservation and Property Management System reports. All Channel Management Tool Pro reports can be saved and/or printed as .PDF, HTML (web page), Excel (.xls), and Text (.cvs).
Taken together, these features make the Channel Management Tool Pro a 'light weight' property management system. See for a detailed overview of how each feature works as a Pro customer.


The Reports area is available to users who upgraded to the Channel Management Tool Pro. The purpose of these Reports are for managers who many of the conveniences of a property management system, but don't wish for a full-blown system. The Channel Management Tool Pro – and specifically the reports area - has been especially helpful for rental management companies or agencies who manage a large number of properties and wish each one to be managed individually (per owner, in some cases) concurrently allowing for consolidated reporting via the Portal Admin area. To see if this upgrade is right for you, see: and then contact BookingCenter to upgrade. The Reports area is divided into functional groupings and are intended to be run for property-by-property needs. Included are the following reports:
Make a Test Booking
Make A Member's Area Booking
If you have not already done so, please make a test booking. There is not cost to make test bookings. Please make as many bookings as needed to learn the system and train your staff.
The easiest way to make a Test Booking is to click Online Bookings and then "Make a Members Area Booking". It's always a good idea to cancel test bookings when they have served their purpose.

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